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Punsters Peck Your Pun

by Ishil Ihtiyar 

I regularly go and visit the Punster’s studio/shop on downtown Redfern (Cleveland St), Sydney. The converted bakery (once Mr. & Mrs. Torres’ Bakery) now accommodates one of Sydney’s most extraordinary and imaginative clothing labels, (I) Peck Your Pun. Sister’s Luci and Monste Torres, my old comrades from a yester-year spent constructing toiles, grading patterns and pulling out one’s hair, whilst studying fashion at the East Sydney Institute, unlike myself, have valiantly endured the Australian fashion game; boldly exerting their individual style and thoughts with every collection. The cult-like status they have earned over the last five years has been firmly established by their perseverance to never sway to commercial trends or pressure.  

Launching at the Antipodium store in Hoxton, London this season, I called into the den of the daring on Cleveland St. and had one of my usual conversations with Ms. Luci about fashion, religion, music, politics, men... 

II: Luci, what’s the current punster climate? 

LT: The punsters are on the brink of international stardom but they could also fall backwards into the abyss of once was. There is a choice of two scenarios: (a) holidaying with new found wealth on a yacht on the Mediterranean, waving, laughing with young bronzed Italian sex slaves or (b) lining up at the Redfern (Sydney) dole office. Convicts don't buy fashion and at the moment we are literally slaves to fashion. We are brimming full of ideas which we don't have any capital for yet, but we seem to get around that tiny obstacle every season. Amazing! Is the next question why don't you get a real job? 

II: What’s a real job? If you are not saving lives, devising new possibilities in the sciences or aiding the development of learning with the young??? Oh! okay, getting back on track –  

Is there a recognisable punster style/ideal/methodology? 

LT: The punpeckers style is very complex, but whatever we do always ends up our own and we don't know how we do that! We are frequently trying to nourish our own interests and try to comment on current cultural and political issues that go on around us. 

II: What or who influences the punsters, inspires you both to continue to do what you do? 

LT: Music blasting away in the studio helps us while away the hours between 8am and 11pm.And we have no other life at the moment. A holiday is dangled in front like a carrot to keep us going, and a fading daydream floats above us. Mario is that you...? Or is it the 

fluorescent tube lighting fucking with my head again. 

II: Luci, tell me more about more about the current (I) Peck Your Pun range- 

LT: This summers range is influenced by Montse’s trip to the south of Spain and the Islamic architecture that she saw there. At the same time we chose this theme because we felt it was an opportune time to remind people about how beautiful the Islamic culture and art is. These pieces are made to be worn and faded with love. They are modest, functional and pretty. The prints evoke images of the Alhambra and harems full of 

lounging beauties. We called it ‘Moroccan Slumber Party’, in part because the casualness of the pieces reminded us of walking around in your pyjamas all day on those super-hot-melting days. We thought about calling it ‘Terrorist’s Tea Party’ but that would be wrong anyway as we don't want to give The Whitehouse anymore attention than they already get. 

II: Future punster projects? 

LT: We are currently working on winter 04’ which will be very “Aussie”. Forget your white winter and go bush with ‘Australia’s Most Dangerous Creatures’, CRIKEY! Funnelwebs and brown snakes will crawl all over your body. Soooo revolting, yet strangely compelling. And also we want to do tee shirts for underground activist groups which shall remain nameless and our work will be anonymous so we deny all connections with any such reports that we will be doing any of that. No! It wasn't me, I never did it!




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