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Notorious Australian fashion designers and artists Perks and Mini have produced a series of books, collaborating with a very international motley crew. We get the low down straight from the horses mouth 


We collaborated on a book with COLLETTE (Paris) when I had my PERKS exhibition there -  

Had a really nice response to the book so we decided to do another showcasing some old skool Melbourne graffiti culture -  

Then I did the Pot o Gold exhibition with REAS a.k.a Todd James but he couldn't come out to oz so we offered him a PAM Book. I guess that's how the idea started -  

After REAS we published FERGADELIC of Tonite fame -  

Then SKATETHING (one of the masterminds  

behind BATHING APE) -  

Next DELTA (Amsterdam 3D connoisseur)  

and most recently a book by THE CHANGES (an international super underground art band that no one has ever heard of with stations in London, New York, Tokyo & Melbourne - you heard of them here first!!!!!!!!!) -  

BEN SANSBURY (Silas art director), and TOBIN YELLAND (NYC exSk8, now incredible photographer) books are next for publishing...


London Fashion Week 2003

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