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Having worked together as a photographic team "for ever" (nearly 14 years), Lyn Balzer and Anthony Perkins find their collaborative approach, an organic and satisfying process - having very similar ideas but approaching things from different perspectives. 

Both grew up on the NSW north coast, surrounded by the ideallic landscapes of the Byron Bay area, so share a strong affinity with the raw beauty of the Australian landscape. 

Their passion for the female form is regularly explored in Australian and international publications. They have also been involved in a number of exhibitions in Sydney and Melbourne, one of the highlights being exhibited in Sydneys' Powerhouse Museum. 


Making the initial decision that we should work together!!!! 

Travelling/working in Europe, which enabled us to appreciate the wonderfully unique qualities of the Australian landscape we had left. 

Finding and collaborating with creative like-minded people. 

Having our work shown in galleries/museums throughout Australia. 

Realizing that the best is yet to come. 

Our latest series aims to capture the raw spirit and harsh grandeur of the Australian environment and our confronting, uneasy relationship with it a contrast with the apparent fragility of the feminine. We like to put a soft, fleshy, vulnerable body into the environment and see nature overtake it, scratch it, dirty it...We choose films and lighting to enhance the surreal qualities of our images - Impossibly blue skies, raw textural flora and pale female forms. 

Living in Australia has influenced our work through the razor-sharp quality of our light that cuts through all and the ability to lose you in nature, even in a city like Sydney. Many of our nudes are shot in the bush around the harbor. The freedom of living in Australia gives us the opportunity to push boundaries and explore the New without the weight of tradition - anything is possible, but conflictingly, living "the good life" can develop a certain complacency, so you need to be driven. 

Although Australians see themselves as outgoing and liberal minded, quite happy to wear next to nothing on Bondi Beach, the issue of nudity is still confronting for most. As our work is centered on the female nude, an important element is developing a strong feminine physical presence as a counterpoint to the environment. For us, there is immediacy to photography that other mediums don't have. To capture a bizarre instant or allow visual accidents to happen is all part of how we shoot. The element of "truth" we hope to capture in our photos is reflected by our rejection of digital technology preferring to stick with the "old school" approach of achieving our image in camera. 

















Art & Exhibitions

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